BTS ARMY’s Donations To Comfort Woman Victims Were Later Found Not To Have Been Distributed To Everyone

Fans are waiting for an answer regarding the donations.

Back in 2018, I-ARMYs all over the world made donations to help comfort woman victims in Korea. The House of Sharing, located in Gwangju, Gyeonggi-do, houses some of the remaining grandmothers who were victims of sexual slavery.

House of Sharing in Gwangju, Gyeonggi-do

The House of Sharing thanked ARMYs for donating and bringing more light to the history of the Japanese invasion and to the comfort women.

Recently however, news began to spread that the Justice Memory Alliance did not give the donation packages to some of the grandmothers. According to Joongang Ilbo, ARMYs donated 11,000,000 KRW ($~8,978.79 USD) to the Justice Memory Alliance to send winter goods and coats to the comfort women victims.

The alliance even posted an article through their official website thanking ARMYs for their generous donation and promised to give the donation to the grandmothers.

However, two grandmothers, Lee Yong Soo and Kwak Ye Nam confirmed that that they did not receive the winter goods sent by ARMYs. ARMYs revealed that they had made enough packages for every grandmother that was currently living there.

Some revealed that the packages went to only six grandmothers who lived at the House of Sharing out of the 26 remaining survivors.

Kwak Ye Nam’s daughter Lee Min Joo commented in an interview that, “I heard that BTS’s ARMY sent donations but my mom and Lee Yong Soo did not receive anything. The Memory Justice Alliance has blocked ARMYs generous hearts by not sending the packages to everyone.”

She continued, “This alliance seems to pick favorites and doesn’t donate to those that are on bad terms with them. Those that live at the House of Sharing are not the only victims in Korea.”

Joongang Ilbo called the chairman of the Justice Memory Alliance many times to discuss this topic but they have yet to respond.

Source: joongang ilbo