BTS And ARMYs Had A Hilarious Encounter With British Soap Opera “Coronation Street”

Fans waiting for a K-Pop performance ended up watching 30 minutes of Britain’s longest-running soap opera

BTS was set to make their long-anticipated performance onย Britain’s Got Talent and many ARMYs were prepared to start watching early.

But there were some slight confusions that were pretty amusing for British ARMYs to see.

So it turned out that the Britain’s Got Talent episode was split into two halves. After the first half of the episode had aired, there would be a break where the voting occurs. While this was happening, an episode of Coronation Street would be airing.

However, many non-UK ARMYs had no idea that this was happening.

BTS was scheduled to perform on the second half of the episode. Most ARMYs outside of the UK expected for this to be an uninterrupted episode.

So when the world’s longest running soap opera starting airing, some ARMYs thought that this was a commercial.

However, once the “commercial” had been running for more than 10 minutes, many non-UK ARMYs realised that this was the episode of another show, leaving many confused with British television.

However, British ARMYs were in stitches upon hearing that thousands of ARMYs were accidentally sitting through a soap opera just so they could view BTS’s performance.

So many ARMYs ended up in the same situation, that there were more than 20,000 people watching Coronation Street and the show even went trending on Twitter.

The official Twitter of Coronation Street even extended a warm welcome to all the ARMYs who were watching the show.

Some fans think that this was a marketing ploy since the producers ofย Coronation Street must have known that thousands of ARMYs would be tuning in to see BTS’s performance which was right after.

And it turns out that it may have been successful, as that episode had some viewers hooked and waiting to see what would happen in next week’s episode.

But ARMYs can take solace in that they aren’t the only ones with a hilarious encounter with the soap opera.

A few days ago, BTS was quizzed on some of Britain’s most famous landmarks onย Lorraine.

They were shown this image ofย Rover’s Inn andย RM confidently said it was “Hagrid’s house.”

However, the interviewer informed them that it was actually the main pub from Coronation Street and recommended that they checked it out.

Thankfully for ARMYs the wait was soon over, when BTS came out and delivered a spectacular performance for British TV showing that talent is truly international.

Source: Evening Standard