BTS Is The Only Artist With 4 MVs In The Top 30 Most Liked Videos On YouTube

Congrats to BTS!

ARMYs aren’t even surprised anymore that BTS hit another record with their music videos. They are currently the only artist with four music videos in the Top 30 Most Liked Videos on YouTube for 2019.



Here is the full list for the Top 30 Most Liked Videos on YouTube:



The four music videos on the list include:


#12 Boy With Luv — 13,033,529 likes


#18 DNA — 11,440,858 likes


#28 FAKE LOVE — 10,858,564 likes


#30 IDOL — 10,644,140 likes




Fans can’t catch a break with all the records BTS keeps breaking on the daily.



They aren’t even surprised anymore.



They are keeping track of what songs will be on the list next.


It’s only a matter of time before BTS breaks another record!