BTS Is The Only Asian Artist To Be Listed On The Top 10 Best Selling Artists Of The 2010s

Congrats to the boys!

It’s crazy to think that a decade ago, music was completely different. People downloaded music and there were no such things as streaming sites. A decade is also enough time for the trends of music to change and the consumers of music to be replaced with the younger generation. This shows just how much work and appeal it would take to make it onto the Top 10 Best Selling Artist of the Decade list.




This list includes the sales of physical albums and singles, album and track downloads, ringtones, music video and audio and video streams.

BTS is the only Asian artist to be featured on this list and this comes as no surprise to those familiar with K-Pop. They are ranked at number 9 with 43.0M sales. Chartmaster states that “As recently as 3 years ago their sales wouldn’t have put them in the top 100 of the decade.” This show just how powerful this group has become within the last decade.



This is a huge accomplishment for BTS because if you take a look at the other artists that are on the list, you can see that only world famous artists such as Adele, Bruno Mars, Eminem are on it.



Here are the Top 10 Best Selling Artists of the Decade:






























Congrats to BTS for this great accomplishment!