BTS Was Asked When They Last Cried, And Their Answers Couldn’t Have Been More Different

It reflects their personalities 😂

BTS doesn’t cry often, but when they do, it’s for completely different reasons.

This was never more obvious than in a recent hour-long interview with Amazon Music, where they were asked to name the last time they cried. From funny to emotional, Suga, RM, and Jin‘s answers are bound to evoke different emotions in you!

The first member to answer was Suga, and much to everyone’s amusement, he nonchalantly said that the last time he cried was when he yawned. “I cried two hours ago when I yawned.

For him, crying doesn’t have to be caused by a serious matter.

Is crying a big deal? Tears can come out just like that.

— Suga

RM good-naturedly protested, “Wait, but that’s not crying,” before sharing his own experience.

He revealed that he cried when BTS’s tours and concerts were cancelled because of the pandemic. Describing the period as “emotional,” he couldn’t help but let out his pent-up anger and frustration by crying.

For me, I remember that because of COVID-19, I was so angry by myself at home that our tour plans and concerts were getting cancelled left and right, and I cried uncontrollably out of frustration. Maybe last August or July? It was a very emotional time for me.

— RM

Finally, Jin shared that the last time he cried was because of a sad animation that he watched a few months ago.

For me, it was five months ago while watching that one animation. I can’t remember the title, but yes, I cried while watching an animation because it was sad.

— Jin

To see the full interview, check out the video below!

Source: Amazon Music