Brilliant BTS ARMY Tracks Down Benny Blanco’s Hidden “Bad Decisions” USB

Do they work for the FBI or what?!

BTS‘s new collaboration with Snoop Dogg and producer Benny Blanco will drop on August 5, but some fans might hear it before the official release!


Benny Blanco is keeping the hype train going with sneak previews and a treasure hunt that has ARMYs lacing up their hiking boots.

At midnight on August 4, Benny Blanco announced that he has hidden a USB with “Bad Decisions” on it in Los Angeles. It’s up to fans to find it.

A “Benny Cam” has been set up on the Xbox official Twitch cam to livestream the USB’s woodland location. Treasure hunters don’t have many clues to work with, aside from a QR code…or do they? Look closely, ARMY. Where have you seen that clearing before?

According to Twitter user @dssissons, a clever fan from Indiana, the USB is located where BTS’s Jungkook filmed a scene for BTS’s “ON” MV.

@dssissons pieced together clues to narrow down the area. Twitch user Frankie106 used the August 5 sunrise to uncover coordinates for the location.

By using these coordinates, ARMYs found out that the USB could be located on Escondido Canyon Road.

Fan-detectives do not yet have the USB in hand, but they’re getting closer by the minute. Who will the lucky finder be?