BTS’s “BANG BANG CON 21” Surpasses Viewer Record Of “BANG BANG CON” 2020

Once again, BTS are outdoing themselves!

If you were watching BTS‘s BANG BANG CON 21 this weekend, you weren’t alone. In fact, the staggering viewership figures show that this online concert streaming event even managed to surpass 2020’s incredibly successful BANG BANG CON.

BTS became one of the first groups to begin pioneering pandemic concert streams back in April last year when they announced the first BANG BANG CON. Over the course of two days, BTS aired eight of their concerts and fan meetings on YouTube, completely free of charge. Just like a real concert, ARMY’s lightsticks were even set to sync with the stream no matter where they were in the world.


And, unsurprisingly, the concert event was a huge success, recording a peak concurrent viewership figure of 2.24 million. BTS went on to hold their first paid online concert, BANG BANG CON: The Live, later that year, selling 756,600 tickets to viewers in 107 countries.


Given how popular BTS online concerts have become, it should come as no surprise that HYBE (formerly Big Hit Entertainment) decided to hold a new online concert event almost exactly a year after the original BANG BANG CON. Held on April 17, BANG BANG CON 21 included free streams of BTS Live Trilogy EP.1: BTS Begins (2015), BTS 5th Muster “Magic Shop” (2019), and Speak Yourself (2019).


Now, released figures from HYBE show that the BangtanTV event managed to surpass BTS’s incredible 2020 viewership with over 2.7 million peak concurrent viewers. On top of that, “#BANGBANGCON21” and “#ThankYouBTS” rose to the top of Twitter’s worldwide trends list.


Even once the pandemic finally draws to a close, ARMYs are hoping BTS will keep up their yearly tradition of streaming old concerts for fans around the world to enjoy.

Source: Image and The Korea Times