BTS’s “Bang Bang Con: The Live” Gathered Enough Attendees To Fill Up 15 Stadiums

They had how many viewers?!

BTS has another huge achievement under their belt!

The world famous group held their special concert Bang Bang Con: The Live on June 14. Within 100 minutes, they performed a tracklist comprised of songs from different albums including “Dope”, “Friends”, and “Spring Day”.

BTS broke records with the online concert as they were able to gain a staggering 756,000 online viewers from around the world. This makes it the largest global audience for a paid event!

There were viewers from over 107 regions including South Korea, Japan, China, and the United States.

BTS in Seoul Olympic Stadium

With the hundreds of thousands of viewers, they were able to virtually fill up the same number of audiences that could fit in 15 stadiums. As many stadiums average at a 50,000 participant capacity, Bang Bang Con: The Live was a staggeringly large event.

The 756,000 attendees is also the equivalent of filling up the Wembley Stadium in London around eight times with its 90,000 person capacity.

Global fancafe membership further increased by 10,000 members alongside the concert. Members were able to buy tickets for the event at ₩29,000 KRW (around $24 USD) while non-members paid ₩39,000 KRW (around $32 USD).

Ticket sales for the concert were at least ₩25 billion won (around $20,700,000 USD).

This is not the first time BTS has sold out stadiums, being able to fill up places like the Wembley Stadium and the Seoul Olympic Stadium during past tours.

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Source: Daum