BTS’s “Hot 100” Victories Made Bang Si Hyuk Cry Tears Of Joy 

Bang Si Hyuk was overwhelmed by the news.

BTS made history with their song “Dynamite” on the Billboard “Hot 100” chart by debuting at No.1 and staying there for two weeks straights.

A new behind the scenes clip reveals that BTS heard the news on set at Gyeongbokgung for The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon. 

The first thing BTS did (after shouting for joy) was call the man who brought them together over seven years ago: CEO Bang Si Hyuk.

BTS lit up as his pure elation traveled through the phone. “I think he’s crying,” Suga said. “Send us a selfie of you crying!” Jin joked.

Bang Si Hyuk was completely overwhelmed. “You don’t know how incredible this is,” he said, though they assure him they did. “That’s the kind of group you are. This just defies belief.”  

BTS, ever the humble kings, praised their CEO for helping them achieve their goals, and for believing in them throughout the years. They promised to all get together for dinner to celebrate.

“I really love you guys,” Bang Si Hyuk said, and of course, they love him too!

According to this editor’s note, Bang Si Hyuk claims he didn’t actually cry…but the question is, do we believe him?

Watch the video here: