Here’s How Bang Si Hyuk Helped BTS Become Shareholders For Big Hit Entertainment  

He helped them become co-owners of their agency.

BTS are now shareholders for the company that helped their dreams come true, thanks in part to Bang Si Hyuk‘s generosity.

Bang Si Hyuk, the founder and co-CEO of Big Hit Entertainment, is its largest shareholder, owning 43.44% of the company (before listing). To BTS, he’s also the “PD-nim” who trained and cared for them since their trainee days.

On September 2, news broke that BTS’s members received 68,385 shares each that will be priced up to 135,000 won ($113 USD) when the agency’s initial public offering (IPO) happens later this year. This amounts to $7.7 million for each member, minimum.

Now, Korean media has reported that 47,8695 of BTS’s shares were donated to them by Bang Si Hyuk. After receiving these shares as gifts on August 3rd, the members reportedly purchased additional shares, demonstrating their faith in the agency’s future endeavors.

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Source: MBN News, Hankyung News and Chosun News