BTS Completely Lost It Over Jin And J-Hope’s Voice Acting 

Their radio show turned into a comedy show, thanks to these members.

If BTS‘s Jin and J-Hope weren’t idols, they could definitely be voice actors!

On July 7, BTS’s official YouTube channel uploaded “BTS Highlight Clip” for their radio show FM 06.13. In it, the members celebrated their seventh anniversary by choosing fun usernames, reading ARMY’s messages, and giving a dramatic reading on The Wizard of Oz. 

The roles were as follows: host Suga as the NarratorRM as the WitchJ-Hope as the WizardJin as the Tin Manas the LionJungkook as the Scarecrow, and Jimin as Dorothy. Some of the members also voiced additional roles for minor characters.

Each member brought his own unique voice acting to the show, but nobody was prepared for the Tin Man’s overdramatic entrance. Jin put his heart and soul into it, letting everybody know how much agony the rusted Tin Man was in!

Jimin, ever the professional, managed to get through his lines without laughing…

…at first. Every word Jin said (shouted?) gave his members the giggles, and just when they’d started to recover, Wizard J-Hope opened his mouth!

Nobody expected the great and powerful Oz to have this much aegyo!

For more, watch the video here: