ARMYs Claim BTS’s “BangtanTV” YouTube Channel Has Been Hacked

Fans have made some disturbing discoveries that have everyone worried.

BTS‘s official YouTube channel, BangtanTV, may have been hacked and ARMYs are now urging BigHit Entertainment to take action.


On January 17, ARMYs discovered that some strange and unsettling changes had been made to BangtanTV. The channel’s name is now gone, and it has lost the verification badge YouTube only gives to “Official Artist Channels”.


The description has also been changed to an advertisement for IDOLiSH7: Vibrato, an anime that is not related to BTS in any way.


The hacking may have been done to draw attention to IDOLiSH7‘s new episodes, which will begin airing on January 17.


At first, some BTS fans wondered if this “hacking” was just another one of BigHit Entertainment’s cryptic clues, but this seems unlikely since BTS has no ties to this anime.


ARMYs are now reaching out to BigHit Entertainment and BTS on Twitter, to draw their attention to the situation.


So far, BigHit Entertainment has not made an official statement, but fans are hoping that BangtanTV will be restored to its original state soon. This hacking marks the second time that BTS’s YouTube content has been targetted by third parties this week.

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