BTS Reveals How It Feels To Be The “Biggest Boy Band” In The World

V’s answer was touching.

BTS‘s popularity is unrivaled in the world, but has it hit them yet?

BTS’s V | Weverse

In an interview with BBC Radio 1, they were asked, “How does it feel to be in the biggest boy band in the world?

Suga reminisced on the years that have passed since their first interview with BBC and noted that a lot has changed.

For the past 4 years since we first talked with BBC, we were fully, totally immersed in this. And looking back now, so many things have changed.

— Suga

For Suga, he still doesn’t feel their immense international popularity because of the pandemic. It’s been a while since they went abroad and met fans through concerts.

But it hasn’t really sunken in yet. It doesn’t feel real because we’re here in Korea. Although there’s news about us that is constantly being released, we can’t have any concerts or go abroad either.

— Suga

J-Hope agreed and added that it will start to hit them once they go on tour and meet ARMYs again.

Once the pandemic is over and we can go on tour, then we’ll truly be able to feel everyone’s energy and love.

— J-Hope

Meanwhile, V wanted to remind viewers that they may be in a popular boy group, but they are still ordinary people “like everyone else.”

We’re just like everyone else.

— V

BTS’s humility in spite of their widespread fame is inspiring!

Source: BBC Radio 1