BTS Becomes Brand Ambassadors For Indonesian Shopping Platform Tokopedia

Whose voice do you think it is?

Indonesian online shopping platform, Tokopedia, surprised BTS fans with a post on Instagram on October 5.

The post had a photo of BTS with a voice that sounded similar to BTS’s leader, RM.

“Hello Indonesia, how are you?” was the translation of the recording.

Tokopedia has not revealed who the owner of the voice is yet. Instead, they have asked fans to guess the owner of the voice.

Tokopedia also promised to give away exclusive prizes to the first three people that guess the member’s voice correctly.

The winners of this event will be announced on Tokopedia Play on Monday, October 7 at 7 PM local time.

Tokopedia also reminded fans that only the first guess of the guesser will be assessed.

Many of the comments seemed to point at BTS’s RM as the owner of the voice.

Previously, a Twitter post about BTS becoming brand ambassadors went viral, receiving much attention from Indonesian fans.

Are you excited for this new partnership with BTS?

Source: surabaya