BTS Named Artist with Best Brand Reputation in December

Not the first time BTS takes that title.

Korea Reputation Centre has announced their analysis on Artist Brand Reputation for the month of December 2018, and BTS has claimed 1st place, again.

Korea Reputation Centre uses an algorithm to analyse data such as consumer action, community action, participation index, media index, and communication index in relation to the artist.

In simpler words, the data helps to see how many people are talking about which artist, how much, when, where and why.

For December 2018, BTS claimed the top spot as the artist with the best brand reputation.

This is not the first time for BTS though. In September and October 2018, BTS also came 1st for Artist Brand Reputation; and in November 2018, came 1st for Boy-band Brand Reputation.

But BTS is always making improvements – they managed to increase their brand reputation by 1.94% in December in comparison to October.

Wanna One, Black Pink, Twice, and Jennie were also among the Top 5 for Artist Brand Reputation.

Source: Break News