BTS, BIGBANG, And More Make Billboard’s Top 100 MVs Of The 2010s List

Four K-Pop acts have made Billboard’s “100 Greatest Music Videos of the 2010s” list.

Four K-Pop acts of the past decade have made Billboard‘s “100 Greatest Music Videos of the 2010s” list!


This list, handpicked by Billboard’s staff, ranks 100 music videos from 2010 to 2019 that have left a lasting impression on fans, music history, and music critics. The top MV on the list is Beyonce‘s 2016 MV “Formation”, but PSY isn’t too far behind.


PSY’s 2012 “Gangnam Style” MV comes in at No.7. It was the first video to ever be viewed over 1 billion times on YouTube. Billboard calls “Gangnam Style” MV a “surprise global sensation that turned all eyes to South Korea’s music industry.”


Orange Caramel is the next highest ranking K-Pop act on the list. Their 2014 MV for “My Copycat” comes in at No.30. According to Billboard, “My Copycat” represents the “pinnacle of the trio’s out-of-the-box thinking with its interactive game”.


Coming in at No.46 is the 2012 “Fantastic Baby” MV by BIGBANG. This video features over the top regal fashion, sensational imagery, and a catchy song that will replay in your head for years to come. Billboard calls this MV “one of the K-Pop world’s most impactful videos of all time.”


BTS‘s iconic 2016 music video for “Blood, Sweat & Tears” took the No.69 spot on Billboard’s list. It’s a luxurious video bursting with high art references that have inspired countless fan theories. Billboard calls it, “a lavish portrait of BTS at the height of their game”. 

Source: Billboard