BTS And BigHit’s Representatives Personally Visited Victims Of The Atomic Bomb To Apologize

The association responded.

Ever since BTS Jimin‘s shirt depicting an image of the atomic bomb became a highly sensitive controversy in Japan, BigHit Entertainment has done its best to formally apologize to those who were offended by the shirt.

Representatives from BigHit Entertainment took further actions to relay the company and BTS’s stance. The representatives visited the Atomic Bomb Victim Association to personally apologize and resolve any misunderstanding regarding the shirt’s design purposes.

The shirt’s designer announced that the shirt was not designed with the purpose of criticizing any culture but to bring awareness of the historical facts regarding Korea’s Independence Day.

After listening to the explanations, the Atomic Bomb Victim Association released a statement that they understand the situation and solely wish for others to be correctly educated on the historical facts.

“As there are issues regarding freedom of speech and such, this matter isn’t something we should be angry about. We agreed to correctly educate others about the atomic bomb and to continue discussing about it together.”

— Atomic Bomb Victim Association in Japan

BigHit Entertainment announced that they will also be making a personal visit to the Atomic Bomb Victim Association located in Korea.

Source: MBC