BTS’s Management BigHit Entertainment Overtakes SM, JYP, and YG

BTS makes BigHit Entertainment bigger than the “Big Three”.

2018 has been a busy year filled with success for BTS, and their popularity is skyrocketing through the roof: putting their name on the Billboard Chart, establishing strong fanbases on a global scale, and receiving many awards for the year ending, such as Artist of the Year.

BTS’s fame and success has also brought BigHit Entertainment success.

In 2017, BigHit Entertainmnet made a business profit of 32.5 billion won(KRW). In comparison, SM made 10.9 billion won, JYP 19.5 billion won, and YG 25.2 billion won. BigHit came out on top against the three management companies considered to be at the top of the Korean entertainment industry, often referred to as the “Big Three”.

It seems to be the general consensus that BigHit Entertainment will have made over 80 billion won in profit in 2018, again putting them ahead of the “Big Three.”

With BTS continuing to improve and rise even higher within the K-pop industry, the future seems bright for BigHit Entertainment and BTS, especially with BTS renewing their contract with BigHit Entertainment for another 7 years recently in October 2018.

BTS, despite having already risen to international fame, still have a lot of potential and ambition, as they show in their powerful performances. It seems fans have a lot to look forward to!

Source: Maekyung Economy