BTS Tops Billboard Hot 100 With “Butter” For The Sixth Consecutive Week

“Butter” is the longest-running #1 debut recorded by a single group!

BTS time and time again prove their legend status by breaking records. Last week, they broke multiple records as they charted at No. 1 on Billboard Hot 100 charts for the fifth consecutive week. Now, they have remained at No. 1 for the sixth week in a row, extending its record as the longest-running No. 1 debut recorded by a single group in Hot 100 history!

With 100 million U.S. streams, despite being down 11%, “Butter” remained at the top of Billboard Hot 100. Meanwhile, according to MRC Data, in the week ending July 1, sales were up 20% as they sold 153,600, including downloads, vinyl, cassettes, etc., making it the top-selling song. In the week ending July 4, radio airplay was up 2% as they gained 28.3 million audience impressions.

Since Billboard’s official announcement, ARMYs have been expressing their excitement for BTS’s achievement on Twitter.

Many recall Suga saying that he believes “Butter” will last at least six weeks on top of Billboard Hot 100 in a recent live broadcast, once again proving “What Yoongi wants Yoongi gets!” 

On Twitter, BTS expressed their gratitude with a heartfelt message for ARMY.

We wouldn’t be surprised to see “Butter” remain No. 1 next week too!

Source: Billboard and Image