Billie Eilish Shuts Down “Mean” Fan Reactions To Potential BTS Collab

Here’s how she reacted when her fans gave these mixed responses.

A collaboration with BTS? Many artists dream of this opportunity, but some Billie Eilish fans aren’t keen on the idea.


Before performing at the Austin City Limits Music Festival, Billie Eilish participated in an “All Things Considered” segment for National Public Radio. During it, she asked fans who she should collaborate with.


A fan in the audience shouted, “BTS!”. Out of all of BTS’s members, Jungkook is Billie Eilish’s biggest fan. In interviews, he has named her as one of his favorite American artists, and he posted this “Bad Guy” lipsync on Twitter. It currently has over 24 million views.


“Should I?” Billie Eilish asked. In response, many fans cheered, but some shouted, “No!”. 


Billie Eilish seemed surprised, but she quickly stopped things from getting out of hand by hushing fans.

Stop! Oh my God, that’s so mean.


“Imma listen to them,” she went on. “They’re very nice. They’ve said some very nice things about me.”


Will a BTS x Billie Eilish collaboration happen? Only time will tell.