Spotify Leaked An Ad For BTS’s “Black Swan” The Day Before Its Release

This “fake” ad sent everyone into panic mode.

“Black Swan” is BTS‘s first pre-release single for MAP OF THE SOUL: 7  — but you may have already known that, thanks to Spotify‘s spoiler.


On January 17, BTS unveiled an art film featuring performers from MN Dance Company dancing to “Black Swan”.


On January 16, the day before “Black Swan’s” release, this ad popped up on Spotify and activated ARMY‘s panic mode.


At the time, many fans suspected that the ad was a fake one, edited by a creative (and mischevious) fan.


Other fans, who believed the ad was the real deal, weren’t too pleased about the spoiler!


Is it real? Fake? Real? It has to be fake, unless…? This uncertainty drove some ARMYs completely bonkers!


“Black Swan’s” official release confirmed that the ad is, in fact, legit. Was the leak accidental or intentional? Who is the person behind it? We may never know, but fans had fun imagining what went on behind the scenes!


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