BTS And BLACKPINK Make History At The 2020 MTV Video Music Awards

K-Pop’s 2 leading groups keep making history.

BTS and BLACKPINK have both made history at the 2020 MTV Video Music Awards, with BLACKPINK being the first ever K-Pop girl group to win an award from the ceremony, and BTS being the first ever K-Pop artist to perform on the show.

Starting off with BTS, they were able to take home 4 awards from the show, including:

Best Group…

Best Pop…

Best K-Pop…

and Best Choreography.

They also stunned the world with their first ever performance of their English language single, “Dynamite”.

But BTS wasn’t the only group to make history on the 2020 VMA’s. BLACKPINK became the first ever girl group to claim an award from the show, as they were crowned the victors of the Song of Summer award. The Song of Summer award is a social media based award voted by fans to choose the best song of the summer.

Congratulations to both BLACKPINK and BTS!