BTS And BLACKPINK Are Now Tied For Most Top 40 Hits In The U.K. For Korean Artists

How long will the tie last?

In many countries, BTS has set the record for all kinds of music charts, often having more songs on such coveted charts like Billboard‘s than any other Korean artist.

However, in the U.K., they were actually outmatched for a short time by BLACKPINK!

| @sooyaaa__/Instagram

The girl group was the first Korean act to land 4 total songs on the U.K.’s top 40 song ranking list. Their first one to reach the list was “Kiss and Make Up” (along with Dua Lipa) in 2018, which placed at #36. “Kill This Love” was their second hit to make the chart the following year, which managed to hit the #33 spot.

In 2020, two more songs of theirs made the chart, the first being “Sour Candy”, their collaboration with Lady Gaga. It reached the #17 spot on the list, and is currently their highest-ranking song. “How You Like That” was their most recent song to chart, and landed at #20, bringing BLACKPINK’s current number to 4 songs on the chart.

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BTS also first landed on the chart in 2018, with their song “Idol”, which peaked at #21. 2019 saw their first song reach the top 20 on the chart, with “Boy With Luv”, featuring Halsey, coming in at #13.

Their last two songs also charted in 2020. The first was “ON” earlier this year, though it didn’t reach as high as “Boy With Luv”, matching “Idol” to come in at #21. And lastly, most recently, their extremely successful “Dynamite” has become their fourth song to chart, and also currently holds the record for the Korean song with the highest rank on the chart at #3.

It will be interesting to see which group will have a fifth song on the chart first. BLACKPINK’s just-released “Ice Cream” could very well make the list, but with BTS set to have another album drop later this year, they might be quickly tied again if that is the case!