BTS And BLACKPINK Are The Reasons For A Huge Boom In Overseas K-Pop Royalties

They are international sensations.

The Korean Music Copyright Association (KOMCA) said that by August of 2019, the overseas K-Pop royalties collected an estimated ₩11.3B KRW, which a whopping 140% increase from last year.

On September 3, an official from KOMCA said that,

Music from Korean artists such as BTS and BLACKPINK are loved by fans all around the world. Because of this, overseas K-Pop performances continue to rise. Through our monitoring system, we have tried to reduce the omission of copyright collections in K-Pop

Chairmon Hong Jin Young, the chairman of Hanum Pyramid (the nation’s largest copyright trust management), also released a statement, saying,

We are very proud and honored about the present Hallyu Wave around the world and the people are listening and enjoying our music. In order to protect the rights of the artists, the Hanum Pyramid will put all their efforts to collected royalties of music copyrights abroad, as well as to manage K-Pop music and protect our artists.

Source: Naver