BTS And BLACKPINK Snag Spots As The Only K-Pop Groups On Billboard’s “100 Best Songs of 2019”

They’re doing K-Pop proud!

BTS and BLACKPINK‘s great music has managed to win a spot on a most coveted list!

Billboard released their staff curated list of the “100 Best Songs of 2019”, and K-Pop fan were curious to know which songs got onto the list!

Image Credit: Billboard


When the list was released, it was revealed that groups BTS and BLACKPINK had managed to both snag spots on the list as the only two K-Pop representative songs!

BTS took the No. 37 spot with their hit song, “Boy With Luv” ft. Halsey. While giving BTS this ranking, Billboard praised the addictive pop sound of it, while highlighting the rap portions as a genius move to give it a contrasting sound.


This sleek, shimmering boy-band gem is one of BTS’ purest pop confections yet, though two hip-hop interludes also give the song a harder, more contemporary edge. Halsey is along for the ride, but even with her considerable U.S. pop stardom, she’s happy to play an obviously supporting role here.

The song put BTS in the top 10 on the Billboard Hot 100 for the first time, but doubtless not the last, as millions of American kids are now completely smitten with the group from half a world away.




BLACKPINK, on the other hand, managed to grab the No.66 spot, with their spectacular number, “Kill This Love”. Billboard spoke of how BLACKPINK sonically crushed it with this song, and truly deserve their position on the list!


If there were doors remaining for BLACKPINK to bust through, they were evaporated by the first horn blasts of ‘Kill This Love,’ a song that sounds practically biblical in its sonic might.

The bilingual breakup banger brought the group to the top half of the Billboard Hot 100 for the first time, and set new standards for pre-empting any potential objections from a soon-to-be-ex: when the group screams “LET’S KILL THIS LOVE!” at you on the chorus, your only possible response is to back away slowly and quietly.




BTS is currently in Osaka for a fan meeting, and BLACKPINK is currently on their Japan Dome Tour. Both groups are also preparing to release their albums in next year, with BTS aiming to release theirs in February 2020, while BLACKPINK has not mentioned a particular date, just an aimed release in early 2020.


Watch the MVs for “Boy With Luv” and “Kill This Love” here!


Source: Billboard