BTS Loses Twitter’s Blue Verified Check Mark, And Reactions Are Hilariously Mixed

“They’re one of us!”

It’s the end of an era for Twitter users, including one longtime “bird app” resident, BTS.


On April 19, Twitter announced that it would be removing legacy verified check marks on April 20. Now, users will need to sign up for Twitter Blue, a premium subscription that starts at $8 USD a month. In addition to receiving a check mark, Twitter Blue users have “prioritized rankings in conversations and search.” They will also see fewer ads, can post longer and higher-quality videos, and they can use existing Twitter Blue features, including an edit button.

In the past, verified users needed to undergo a verification application process to prove they were, in fact, who they said they were. This prevented imposters from impersonating celebrities, companies, and public figures.

| BT21/YouTube

Now, major Twitter accounts are losing their blue check marks and blending in with the crowd. Not even BTS, with a Twitter following of 48.3 million, is exempt. The supergroup joined Twitter 12 years ago, in July 2011.

So far, ARMYs’ reactions to BTS becoming “one of us” are mixed.

Some were taken by surprise and would like Twitter to restore BTS’s check mark…

…but others think BTS, who use their Twitter account less frequently these days, won’t care about the change.

In fact, some ARMYs can’t imagine their favorite “broke millionaires” forking over $8 when they could buy more important things with that money…like ramen.

Let’s not forget that BTS are no strangers to being, well, strangers. The @bts_twt account was unverified for the first three years of its life.

Will @bts_twt join Twitter Blue? Stay tuned!

Source: Twitter


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