BTS Were Wild AF On Their Road Trip, But Jimin Slept Right Through It

BTS go driving through New Zealand in a new Bon Voyage clip.

Van? Check. RV? Check. Chaotic friends who don’t know the meaning of “use your inside voice”? Triple check. Now, it’s time for a road trip!


On November 8, BTS released a new preview clip for their travel-reality show Bon Voyage 4In it, they drive through New Zealand in two vehicles. In the van, we have Jin at the wheel with Suga and V.


All three sing-shout to the radio, into a walkie-talkie connecting them to the rest of their members. Jungkook drives the RV, RM‘s riding passenger, and J-Hope is in the back with a dozing Jimin.


It’s a good thing Jimin went with the RV crew. He was able to sleep through the walkie-talkie noise…


…but he would have had a much harder time sleeping through this!


Watch the clip here: