Here’s How Much BTS Gets Paid For Brand Endorsement Deals (Including McDonald’s)

How are they earning this much and still so humble?!

Ever wondered how much an act as big as BTS gets paid when they partner up with brands for endorsements? According to a reporter from The Korea Times, here are the figures.

BTS has been racking up brand deals for years now, and the group is showing no signs of slowing down. Some of their earliest endorsements include major brands like PUMA and SK Telecom, both of which they began working with just a few years after their debut.


In the last year or so alone, BTS has partnered with numerous international brands, including FILA, Louis Vuitton, and Coway.

| Coway

On top of that, they’re also sweeping the domestic advertisement front, endorsing everything from LOTTE‘s Kloud beer and Xylitol gum to Baskin Robbin’s ice cream. But how much do they get paid for all this?


According to reporter Kim Jae Heun from The Korea Times, BTS earns a staggering ₩3.00 billion KRW (about $2.69 million USD) to ₩5.00 billion KRW (about $4.49 million USD) for every Korean brand they work with! When you add up all the endorsements they’ve had so far, that’s a lot of money.

| McDonald’s/YouTube

Of course, that fee soars even higher when it comes to global endorsements—such as BTS’s current partnership with McDonald’s. As of late May, the “BTS Meal” (comprising nuggets, fries, Coca-Cola, and special sauces) is rolling out in almost 50 countries across the globe.

| McDonald’s

The chief marketing officer at McDonald’s revealed the brand hopes to tap into BTS’s “incredibly passionate and loyal fanbase” with the deal. As such, it’s likely that this partnership will be a huge financial success for McDonald’s—and for BTS. According to The Korea Times, the group is set to receive a whopping ₩10.0 billion KRW (about $8.98 million USD) for participating in the “BTS Meal” promotion.

| McDonald’s

And that’s not all. Last year, Forbes reported that American rapper Travis Scott made an estimated $20 million USD from his own “Famous Meals” promotion with McDonald’s, with around $5 million USD coming from the traditional endorsement check. The remaining $15 million USD came solely from merchandise sales.

Travis Scott | McDonald’s

Shortly after the “BTS Meal” went live, HYBE MERCH‘s “BTS x McDonald’s” collection went on sale too, offering everything from $12 USD socks to $110 USD robes along with limited edition photocards. Once merchandise sales are tallied up, it’s likely that BTS will be earning tens of millions of dollars from the McDonald’s endorsement alone.

| McDonald’s

Of course, despite their incredible earnings, BTS have always remained humble kings who stay down to earth and use their wealth for good.

Source: Image, The Korea Times and Forbes