BTS Chose To Wear This Specific Brand At Their LA Concert For A Special Reason

Their reason will touch your heart.

During BTS‘s latest concert in Los Angeles, California, they donned a special brand for their ‘MIC Drop’ performance.


It was recently revealed that they chose those specific outfits for a reason. Their outfits were specially created by a Korean brand, called Ordinary People.


As global stars, BTS received numerous love calls from famous high-end brands that wanted the boys to wear their designs.

BTS wearing Gucci at the 2018 Billboard Music Awards.


But out of all the choices, BTS chose to wear Ordinary People during their LA concert because they believed it would be very special for BTS to help promote a Korean brand on foreign soil.


BigHit explained that they were impressed with Ordinary People’s 2017 F/W collection, so they personally reached out to the designer. BTS and BigHit believed it would be a good opportunity for the group to help promote Korean music as well as Korean fashion on a global stage.

“We thought it would be good for Korean idols to perform in the US while wearing Korean brand clothings.”

— Bang Si Hyuk


Not only did they choose Ordinary People because of their origin, they chose the brand because of its unique meaning. Ordinary People’s CEO, Jang Hyung Cheol, revealed that his brand stands for people who try to find the specialness in the ordinary.

“We have to make clothes that help the artists shine, that way we’re able to shine as well.

We create clothes in hopes that ordinary people who wish to become special can wear our clothes and become special.”

— Jung Hyung Cheol


Ordinary People and BTS chose to wear white on white outfits featuring gemstones.


And sure enough, they lit up the stage with their special collaboration!


Not only is BTS working hard to promote Korean music, but also Korean fashion! No wonder they’re titled “National Treasures”!

Source: Money Today