BTS’s J-Hope Sheds Light On The Fear That Comes With Being An Idol

He talked about paparazzi and more in “Break The Silence”.

For J-Hope, being a professional performer isn’t just a career choice; it’s a calling.

In Episode 3 of Break The Silence, BTS opened up about the worries, joys, and struggles that come with being idols. They spoke candidly about how it affects their day to day lives, on stage and behind the scenes.

Midway through the episode, J-Hope accompanied Jimin on a quick trip to an iPad store. Afterward, a staff member pointed out a white van of paparazzi nearby.

Jimin was amazed by the sight, by J-Hope felt frightened. “Things like that sometimes scare me,” he confessed.

In the interview segment following this scene, J-Hope talked about his “calling” as an idol and the fear that comes with it.

It’s a bit embarrassing for me to say this myself, and I don’t know if I should say it, but now that I’ve reached this point and I’m in this position, I see it as a sort of calling.

— J-Hope

“Because I’ve become such a huge idol,” he said. “Of course, being an idol is…It makes you shine brightly, but it’s accompanied by fear.”

“Sometimes I want to hide or avoid it. At times, I want to let it go.”

Although J-Hope has felt to urge to leaving his calling, ARMY’s love and attention keeps him going.

But this position is…the eyes of so many people are watching, and their love and attention are the things that make it hard to let go.

— J-Hope

“It could be that where you stand now is what defines you,” he said.

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