ARMYs Thought They’d Missed A BTS Live Broadcast, But They’d Actually Been Clowned By The Members

The chaos was real! 🤡

Since the BTS members finished their extended vacation, they’ve been treating ARMYs to many live broadcasts, either in groups or individually.

In particular, fans were surprised when J-Hope, Jin, V, and Jungkook went live on March 6, but it didn’t go as smoothly as fans expected.

(left to right) BTS’s V, J-Hope, Jungkook, and Jin

When the notification first appeared that BTS was doing a broadcast, fans worldwide clicked the link, hoping to watch another hilarious video. Yet, many were shocked when either they saw the four members for a few seconds before it ended…


Or that it had ended before they could even see what had happened. In total, the broadcast lasted a minute.

Of course, it wasn’t surprising that ARMYs were definitely confused AF.

However, it seems as if it might not just have been down to a technical issue. After what seemed like one of BTS’s shortest ever broadcasts, where fans barely clicked on the link before it ended, the members came back and couldn’t help but enjoy what had been happening.

In particular, J-Hope pointed out that when they first started the broadcast, they thought it would be funny to see how ARMYs reacted.

Honestly, before we started, we said that it would be very funny if we ended it as soon as we started, and it’s funny. I laughed.

— J-Hope


Jin then joked that he wondered how fans would’ve reacted and if they would’ve found it funny or panicked about it. J-Hope obviously knows ARMYs too well, as he explained that they definitely would’ve been panicked.


If that wasn’t enough to show that the members were clowning ARMYs, as Jin ate, the group seemed to have more fun teasing fans about what they’d done.

As Jin was eating, the sauce was dropping out of his sandwich, and he joked that it was ARMYs’ tears because they turned off the broadcast and then turned it back on.


Of course, it isn’t the first time that BTS has clowned ARMYs. After it happened, fans couldn’t hide their reactions to what the members had done. Luckily, ARMYs will always forgive the group even if they cause them stress.

As always, BTS has proved that they love having a laugh with ARMYs, and alongside being talented and handsome, they all have amazing personalities as well.

Source: BTS/ VLIVE