BT21 Made A Surprising Appearance Along Huge Celebrity Guests At The Gucci Fashion Show, And Here’s The Adorable Reason Why

BT21 were the real stars!

When it comes to global recognition and love, BTS has proved their influence with love from ARMYs worldwide and celebrities and brands. It seems as if another part of the BTS family has recently showcased their popularity. It is the members of the BT21 family.

BTS with the BT21 plushies | @BTS_twt/ Twitter

On November 2 (EST), the fashion brand Gucci held a fashion show in Hollywood. Amongst the guests were A-Listers and world-renowned musicians. Yet, more importantly for ARMYs, the Twitter account for Variety magazine shared videos proving that the show’s real stars were the BT21 characters.

In a post, the account shared a video of singer Lizzo having her picture taken. However, the more eagle-eyed fans would see that in the background, there was Cooky (Jungkook), Koya (RM), and a small glimpse of Shooky (Suga).

Although Lizzo hasn’t tweeted about it, after seeing the video, many fans couldn’t hide their excitement at this interaction because she has shared on more than several occasions just how big an ARMY she is. She has cemented herself as a true fan, from covering their track “Butter” to wearing a “VMin” shirt.

After seeing the post, even the official BT21 Twitter replied to the tweet, saying, “Say cheese.”

Yet, it wasn’t just known BTS fans that got to meet BT21. Another two stars who were spotted with the BT21 characters were Dakota Johnson and Gwyneth Paltrow. The two actresses were seen in front of Tata (V) and RJ (Jin).

Although it seems random, many ARMYs pointed out the connection of the two actresses to Coldplay‘s lead singer Chris Martin, who recently collaborated with BTS on the track “My Universe.”

As soon as the video was shared, ARMYs couldn’t hide their excitement. They loved seeing BT21 amongst some of the biggest stars in the world. Many also joked that these celebrities should be honored to meet BT21 because they are so iconic.

With BT21 gaining popularity worldwide, they might follow in BTS’s footsteps and start gaining sponsorships and collaborations with brands such as Gucci! With their cuteness and loveability, any fashion brand would be lucky to work with them.