BTS’s BT21 Characters In Collaboration With UNIQLO Have ARMYs Ready To Shop

Shut up and take our money!

Popular apparel brand UNIQLO announced its upcoming collaboration with BTS and their NAVER characters “BT21” and it is building high anticipation for the products’ release on June 21, 2019!


On its official Instagram account, both international and Korean, UNIQLO shared the news of BTS characters coming to stores soon. They pointed out the collaboration is available globally – and it has ARMYs worldwide pumped to shop!

Wow my two favorite brands, it’s really over for my wallet.

— Instagram User @wndyuwu


UNIQLO’s signature basic, daily fashion items with BT21 characters are about to steal a million ARMY hearts! Fans can’t wait to see what kind of goods BT21 X UNIQLO will produce. Meanwhile, a BT21 X UNIQLO poster that is circulating online actually shows men’s short sleeve T-shirts will be available starting June 17, 2019 at $14.90.


BTS’s BT21 has done countless collaboration with brands worldwide, but ARMYs are especially excited about them coming to UNIQLO stores because they believe the adorable BTS characters will suit UNIQLO products well!

Source: THEQOO