BTS’s “BT21” Finally Have Their Own Instagram & It’s The Most Wholesome Thing On Social Media

They may be fictional, but they still put a smile on our faces.

Another social media account has joined the Bangtan family! This time, BTS‘s adorable BT21 characters have opened their own Instagram account, and it’s the most wholesome thing you’ll see today.

Instant messaging app LINE has long been known for its LINE FRIENDS series, featuring popular characters like Cony the rabbit and Brown the bear. However, in 2017, BT21 stole the show.


The first characters released under LINE’s FRIENDS CREATORS project, BT21 were designed by the BTS members themselves. RM‘s koala Koya, Jin‘s alpaca RJ, Suga‘s cookie Shooky, J-Hope‘s horse-masked Mang, Jimin‘s puppy Chimmy, V‘s heart-headed Tata, Jungkook‘s bunny Cooky, and their “protector” Van (who represents ARMY) all inhabit the BT21 universe and feature in numerous merchandise items sold around the world.


An Instagram account to promote BT21 merchandise was created all the way back in September 2017, sharing photos and announcements of new buys to 5.9 million fans. But now, the characters themselves finally have their own Instagram account to share their “daily life”—@bt21stcentury.

Within just one hour, BT21’s new account is proving itself to be one of the most wholesome things on social media. All posts are shared from the perspective of the characters, from Mang thanking UNISTAR (the fandom of BT21)…

… to Chimmy’s “first fancam“…

… to Cooky being everyone’s workout inspiration during the pandemic.

So far, the videos and photos posted to the account are a mix of traditional drawings and animations, like this clip of Tata singing…

… along with 3D animation, like this video of Cooky.

It looks like the BT21 characters will also be promoting their endorsements here, too. The account’s most recent post is an announcement from RJ, who just scored his first official food advertisement with E-MART for PEACOCK corn dogs—a true foodie just like his “dad”, Jin!

On top of that, the account has already held its first Q&A on Instagram stories, where the BT21 characters can be seen reassuring and cheering on UNISTAR and ARMY.

| @bt21stcentury/Instagram

While updates from BT21 may not be quite as good as updates from the real BTS members, there’s no doubt they’ll give us a dose of loveable cuteness on those days we need cheering up.