BTS x Line Friends, BT21 Bluetooth Speakers Are Out

Have you seen these charming characters designed by BTS?

Do you know the “BT21” characters, designed by BTS members themselves?

These eight characters were created by BTS in collaboration with “Line Friends” back in 2017. They were revealed in December 2017 and have been adored and loved by many, especially by BTS fans, A.R.M.Y. Some people even have a whole collection of items related to these characters.

And now they’ve been made into Bluetooth speakers and figures!

KOYA, CHIMMY, COOKY, and VAN have been transformed into Bluetooth speakers; and RJ, SHOOKY, MANG, and TATA into little figurines. They are sold in sets, one Bluetooth speaker and one figure, and are currently on pre-order sale at MakerStar.

The Bluetooth speakers and figures of BT21 will be a special gift to people all over the world who love these BT21 characters, a popular character brand from Line Friends.

– Kim Jaemyun, MakeStar representative

On the 24th, Line Friends held a sale to celebrate the 1 year anniversary of BT21’s creation. Many of the items were sold out within just two hours.

The 2-minute long BT21 animation released to celebrate the festive winter season also gained a lot of attention, hitting 1.5 million views within a day of release. The animation shows how the Christmas season on Earth looks to TATA, who is from BT planet.

Goes to show that BT21 characters are very popular, not just among BTS fans, but by many people, as well-designed and collectible characters.

Making of BT21 with BTS can also be found here:

Source: Xports News and News1