ARMY Boycotted MTV’s VMAs With Their Own BTS Awards Show

Fans gave BTS the show they deserved.

ARMYs have created a new music awards show that’s all about BTS!


The “BTS Music Video Awards” (#BTSMVAs) took place on August 26, at the same time as the 2019 MTV Video Music Awards. Twitter user @Highlight_Army created the show to “speak out against gatekeepers in the industry”.


Although BTS did take home two of the five awards they were nominated for at the VMAs, many fans feel that the group received unfair treatment. BTS were not nominated in major artist categories, including “Video of the Year”.


ARMY went all out on this extra special event (emphasis on “extra”!).


The BTSVMAs have their own website, where fans were invited to vote for BTS in the following categories.


Fans also Photoshopped hilarious photos of the “Purple Carpet”, featuring stars like DownyThis Bag of Trophies, and the Han River!


This awards show wouldn’t be complete without a traditional after-party with ARMY! After the show, fans streamed, memed, and binged BTS content to celebrate.


The BTSVMAs were a huge success, so here’s hoping they will be back next year!