Busan Has Officially Gone Through “Borahaefication” In Preparation For BTS’s “Yet To Come” Concert

Busan has turned purple to welcome ARMYs from across the globe!

The fame and popularity of BTS has grown immensely since the group debuted in 2013. Not only have they grown in fame but their influence is unrivaled, with many believing the group is becoming a key part of tourism in Korea.

The members of BTS | @bts_bighit/Twitter

Recently, the group showed their global influence when it was announced that BTS would perform in Busan to promote the city’s bid to host the World Expo 2030. ARMYs worldwide fought for tickets and have traveled hours to watch BTS perform.

BTS “Yet To Come in BUSAN” concert poster

After the announcement was made and the date of the concert came closer, it was clear that Busan was ready to turn purple after going through a “Borahaefication.” The term comes from “Borahae” which was created by BTS’s V and means “I Purple You” or “I Love You.”


One ARMY shared that the Busan government announced that various landmarks like the Gwangan Bridge, Busan City Hall & Busan Tower would all turn purple until October 17th.

Busan Tower | @modooborahae/Twitter
Busan City Hall | @modooborahae/Twitter
Busan Bridge | @modooborahae/Twitter

Of course, the images are beautiful but ARMYs arriving in Busan have been sharing videos of their experiences with the “Borahaefication” of Busan. Whether it was their own views of the monuments or special locations for ARMYs, it truly looked like any ARMYs’ paradise.

| @minimonimo_/Twitter
| @snowflowersam/Twitter
| @kimseokjingifs/Twitter   

Upon seeing Busan turn purple, netizens couldn’t hide their excitement ahead of the concert, with many sharing their own thoughts and the landmarks they love the most.

If that wasn’t enough, those staying at certain hotels, like LOTTE, were greeted with special BTS-themed gifts on their arrival. From cute toys to customized cushions and more, it’s the perfect experience for any ARMY.


Yet, it isn’t the first time an entire city has turned purple for BTS. Back in April, prior to BTS’s performance in Las Vegas, locals were very confused after the city turned purple to celebrate the group’s arrival, whether it was the airport, the iconic strip, and even a chance to the Bellagio fountain show.

With less than a few days until the show, Busan is showing its love for BTS and ARMYs by making it a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

You can read more about Busan witnessing the “BTS Effect” below.


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