BTS’s “Butter” Becomes First Song By A Korean Artist On Spotify’s “Songs of Summer” Playlist

What an achievement!

To start of July, Spotify unveiled the Songs of Summer playlist for listeners to enjoy during the summer. On this list, BTS’s “Butter” became the first Korean artists’s songs to be selected for this list.

Spotify releases an annual Songs of Summer playlist with songs that are expected to make a hit around the world that summer. This is one of the seasonal playlists presents by the global music editorial team by analyzing streaming status, music trends, and other data.

This is the first time in history that a Korean artist’s song has been included on this list since 2015. A Spotify official stated, “As music is always the excitement of summer, music and summer are inseparable. You can enjoy music according to your mood, situation, and make it your own summer with these songs.”

Source: newsen


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