BTS’s “Butter” Crowned As 2021’s “Song Of The Summer” On The Billboard Charts

They’ve made history!

It’s official; BTS‘s smash hit “Butter” is 2021’s song of the summer!

BTS | HYBE/Facebook

Since its release on May 21st, “Butter” has spent a total of 14 weeks on Billboard‘s “Hot 100” chart. For 10 of those 14 weeks, it held the No.1 spot, making “Butter” the 40th single in history to do so.

Now, for the week of September 11th, “Butter” has returned to No.1 for the 10th time and claimed the top spot on Billboard’s annual “Songs of the Summer” chart.

| Billboard

Chart data for the “Songs of the Summer” is collected from Memorial Day through Labor Day each year. In 2021, that run included the charts dated June 12th through September 11th.

Now, fans around the world are celebrating this historic win and showing love for BTS’s “Butter” remix collaborator, Megan Thee Stallion, who helped the song rise back up to No.1.

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