BTS’s “Butter” Breaks Group’s Own Record Of Biggest YouTube Music Video Premiere

“Dynamite” previously held the record.

BTS is breaking records with their latest English single, “Butter!”

On May 21, the “Butter” music video officially set an all-time record for having the largest YouTube music video Premiere with over 3.9 million peak concurrents. In other words, at its peak, there were 3.9 million users watching “Butter” when it went live.

The popular boy group broke their own record from August 2020. Previously, their “Dynamite” music video Premiere garnered 3 million peak concurrents.

To date, BTS currently holds the #1 and #2 spot for biggest YouTube Premiere.

Congratulations, BTS! Meanwhile, support the “Butter” music video below.

Source: YouTube Official Blog