What Is Big Hit Music Planning? BTS’s Mysterious Teasers Are Driving Us Insane

We need answers.

It’s comeback season, and ARMY is on high alert for sneak attacks!

BTS | @bts_bighit/Twitter

Today, BTS released a new teaser video that’s leaving us with more questions than answers. In it, the members are “breakin’ into your heart” with their stylish, new outfits and charisma. This video could be the first in a new series of “Butter”-themed teasers.

Last week, BTS dropped a group teaser clip for “Permission to Dance” that was followed by seven solo teasers. In each video, BTS holds flowers while dressed in dreamy, white outfits.

The members celebrated “Permission to Dance” with lyrics from the song.

Now, fans are wondering what Big Hit Music is planning. Could it be a surprise video? A new photo package? Members-only content? What is it? Tell us. 

Right now, Big Hit Music’s plans are a mystery, but one thing is certain; whatever the surprise is, we can’t wait to experience it!