5 Genius Theories About BTS’s 1st “Butter” Teaser To Get Excited About

ARMYs are way too smart.

The countdown is on as the release of BTS‘s new English single—”Butter”—draws ever closer. Ahead of the May 21 release, HYBE has released the first “Concept Clip – Teaser Poster” for the new song, and ARMYs have been abuzz with theories ever since. Here are 5 of the most exciting ideas about what to expect.


1. “Butter” continues “Run”

One of the most popular theories circulating right now is that “Butter” will be a continuation of “Run”, and it’s easy to see why. Released in 2015, the Most Beautiful Moment in Life, Pt. 2 title track was accompanied by a seven-minute-long music video with a memorable house party sequence.


Similarly, the new teaser image gives off serious party vibes too. From the balloons to the confetti to the cocktail, it’s not difficult to imagine the photos as Polaroids from a crazy night. As such, some fans are suggesting that the “Butter” music video could feature an afterparty—or the aftermath of the original “Run” party.

2. “Butter” walks through BTS’s memories

Another theory calls back to BTS’s past, but in a different way. Some eagle-eyed ARMYs noticed that the yellow balloons with smiley faces scrawled over them look just like the balloons BTS blew up for their first-anniversary party back in a 2014 BTS Episode clip.


As such, some fans are speculating that BTS could be reminiscing about their old days in the “Butter” music video—perhaps even wishing they could go back to a simpler time.

3. “Butter” represents BTS’s stardom

Similar to both of the above theories, another ARMY mused that “Butter” could be a house party as a metaphor for becoming superstars. According to this theory, BTS may find themselves waking up from a crazy party trying to remember what happened the night before—hence the photographic evidence of their antics. In turn, this could represent BTS trying to make sense of how they became superstars so unexpectedly.

4. “Butter” has dark undertones

Others think “Butter” may take a darker tone rather than a nostalgic one. Press releases have already revealed that “Butter” will be “a dance pop track brimming with the smooth yet charismatic charm of BTS”, so ARMYs already know that the song itself will lightly be bright and fun. However, judging by the gritty teaser image, some think it’s possible that the upbeat instrumental will be contrasted by a dark meaning in the lyrics.

5. “Butter” features a crime scene

On the dark note, another of the most popular “Butter” theories suggest that the images in the teaser could be crime scene photos. Ideas of what the crime could be have ranged from those as innocuous as stealing butter to crimes as serious as murder with butter as the weapon. Either way, ARMYs who believe in this theory say the photos in the teaser are clues as to who the culprit is.

6. Bonus: RM’s abs. That’s it. That’s the theory.

RM melting butter with his muscles? Yeah, sounds legit.