BTS Are Being Called Korean Economic Unicorns

BTS’s growth could be changing the whole industry.

It’s no secret that BTS are global powerhouses, but they may also be bringing their own unique concepts to Korea’s economy. A recent article by Korean news source, MK News, outlined how the boys have been paving their way in the entertainment industry and how this, in turn, has led them to become Korea’s “unicorns.”


So, what exactly makes them “unicorns” in the industry? BTS has an amazing ability to connect with people. Their lyrics have the ability to speak to many and have covered subjects that are considered a bit taboo.

The group has also been able to appeal to people from all age groups. Although many of their songs may be geared more for their peers, the topics and fun beats also make their music relevant for everyone.


BTS has also dominated social media. As of September, BTS officially holds the world record for most Twitter engagements. They’re even in the Guinness World Records for their achievement.

At the time of the announcement, they had an average of 252,200 retweets per tweet on Twitter! This domination of social media has also helped them reach even more people.


Thanks to the group’s ability to connect with millions of people, BTS has been able to gain one of the largest fandoms in the world. There are an estimated 15 million ARMYs worldwide who are always willing to support their artists.

On top of the number of fans they already have, the boys have been able to continually grow this fanbase!


Their ability to connect with many people from different backgrounds and countries has definitely contributed to their growth. MK News thought that their innovative approach to the entertainment industry has led to an overall positive impact on South Korea’s business model.

“They’re like a corporation that fully owns the entire value chain of research and development, product promotion, and services.” — MK News


With BTS’s meteoric rise and their major successes, it shouldn’t be all that surprising that the group is now estimated to be worth 1 trillion Korean won (~$900 million USD)!

Source: MK News