BTS Chooses Their Favorite Camping Activities For “BTS Island: In The SEOM” Game

Which member would you like to go camping with?

BTS is taking ARMY to paradise in BTS Island: In the SEOM! This “story-rich game” takes place on a “peaceful island co-created by BTS for ARMY.”

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In the game, BTS arrives on an island for an unexpected vacation that includes a variety of activities, including swimming, fishing, and fireworks. In a series of “Dev Notes” for the game, BTS were asked what they would like to do while camping, gardening, playing sports, and more.

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RM‘s camping itinerary includes bul-meong (spacing out staring at a campfire), eating pork belly, reading books, lounging in a hammock, mountain climbing, and staring out the sea. He would also enjoy cooking and eating ramen, and working on lyrics.

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Jin is the type of camper who preps for his trip. His plans would include shopping and collecting items needed for camping, building a base for the tent, listening to music, gathering, barbecuing, and eating ramen. “Wish eating would increase my HP like in a game,” he added.


How does Suga like to camp? He keeps it simple. He listed only three activities: setting up a tent, cooking, and a campfire.

It seems like J-Hope has little interest in camping, at least in the game. He didn’t write down any camping activities, but Jimin wrote plenty!


Jimin would like to lie in the shade, listen to music while taking a walk, roll on the floor (in other words, do nothing), and do nothing while staring at a fire. He would also clean up and tidy up the camp.

Like Suga, keeps camping simple. All he wants to do is take a nap and watch movies!


Like Jin, Jungkook thought about his in-game camping trip like a gamer. He suggested that players could receive rewards for touching a falling star while looking at the night sky. He also listed cooking (combining the food ingredients the player has). Sleeping would fast forward the game to the next morning. Jungkook’s camping trip would include spacing out while watching the campfire, and partying.


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