ARMYs Disappointed With BTS’s Interview On “CBS Sunday Morning”

“Is that an interview or an attack.”

ARMYs from around the world became disappointed after seeing BTS‘s interview with host Seth Doane on CBS Sunday Morning.

On April 21, CBS released a special video on BTS, which was translated and spread across the entire world within just one day.


Fans’ reaction to the video, however, wasn’t exactly positive. Some fans from the US criticized the host for what he said and the questions that he asked. They argued that he asked questions that have already been asked before.


Korean fans were also disappointed. CBS had labeled the East Sea as the Sea of Japan and Koreans complained that the broadcasting station could instill a wrong historical awareness to viewers around the world as a result.


Seth Doane ended the interview on this day by asking the question about BTS’s military service and whether or not they worried about disbanding. While it may have been an uncomfortable topic for them, the members did an excellent job and expressing themselves clearly.

As a Korean, it’s natural. Someday when duty calls, we’ll be ready to respond and do our best.

ㅡ Jin

I don’t want to think about it at this point. We have something good going.

ㅡ Jungkook


Fans criticized Seth Joane for asking low-quality and inappropriate questions. They also expressed their anger towards CBS for labeling the East Sea Sea of Japan.

  • “You can see that BTS is uncomfortable by their expression… I’m just happy they expressed themselves clearly!”
  • “Because they’re Asians, they wanted to belittle them. They probably even wrote Sea of Japan on purpose.”
  • “They did it on purpose…”
  • “The questions were definitely not mindful.”
  • “Is that an interview or an attack.”
  • “The standard of questions was too low. If they’re not gonna prepare properly, why call those busy people.”


Watch the full video below:

Source: Nate