BTS Celebrates The Third Anniversary Of The “LOVE MYSELF” Campaign With A Special Message

Here’s to many more years!

BTS has reached their third year for their LOVE MYSELF campaign!

Happy 3rd anniversary of the LOVE MYSELF Campaign! Let’s continue to discover ways to love myself, and love ourselves! Check out BTS’s video message and congratulate our 3rd anniversary!

⁠— BTS

Big Hit Entertainment and BTS created the LOVE MYSELF campaign in 2017 and chose to work with the Korean Committee for UNICEF due to their “dedication to improving human rights and the lives of children and teens over the past seven decades as one of the largest non-profit organizations.”

November 1 marks the anniversary for their LOVE MYSELF campaign.

The members thanked everyone who supported their campaign and expressed how thrilled they were to be a part of the 75th UN General Assembly.

They also made sure that everyone continued to have faith for the rest of the year too.

They emphasized just how precious we all are, despite all the uncertainty we are going through currently.

They stated, “Loving yourself is the beginning of true love!”

Although this year they are saying their greeting through a video instead of in person…

…they have absolutely no doubt that this year’s campaign is the strongest one yet.

In times like these, “love myself” is needed more than ever!

They hope to reach even more people through this campaign and promises that LOVE MYSELF will always be with us.

So let’s all embrace and encourage one another during these times.

We can’t wait to see what else is in store!