BTS Makes Last-Minute Changes To Their 2022 GRAMMYs Performance, And The Changes Make The Performance Unforgettable

These changes are legendary!

BTS made a few last-minute changes to their 2022 GRAMMYs (also known as the 64th GRAMMY Awards) performance, and the changes were absolutely iconic!

BTS | Weverse Magazine

BTS had ARMYs’ and locals’ jaws on the floor with their incredible jacket dance break.


Although the original dance break was awesome, the members had an idea during rehearsals that helped make the dance break even cooler and added more consistency to the performance as a whole.

Before they launch into their jacket dance break, the members throw their security clearance cards.

The card throwing wasn’t included in the original dance break, according to BTS’s performance director and choreographer, Son Sung Deuk. He said the members suggested that the dance break “it would look a little cooler if they used the card as a tool.” They were totally right!

The addition of the cards to the dance break also added consistency to the performance. The members started singing “Butter” after Jungkook used the card V threw to him to start the music. By using the cards in the dance break, the members were able to unite the performance’s intro with the rest of the performance.

Son Sung Deuk also came up with Jin‘s role in the performance much later. Jin was recovering from a finger injury at the time of the performance, and the members and Son Sung Deuk were worried that he would overexert himself or be in pain while performing the “Butter” choreography with the other 6 members.

Jin | BTS/Weverse

Son Sung Deuk created the technician role for Jin, so he could be an active participant in the performance without having to perform all of the choreography. He said, “The choreography could have interfered with his well-being and they still had the concert to do, so I thought up the technician role as a way they could all do the performance together without him feeling like the odd man out or overexerting himself.” As the technician, Jin hacked the security system and helped the other members infiltrate the museum where they performed “Butter.”

While we’re sure the original version of the performance was great, these last-minute changes made BTS’s GRAMMYs performance unforgettable!

Source: Weverse Magazine