Chileans Condemn Racism, Apologize To BTS On Behalf Of “Mi Barrio” TV Show

They are doing their part to combat racism.

Chileans are offering heartfelt apologies to BTS and the Asian community, following a controversial parody performance by Mi Barrio.

BTS | @bts_bighit/Twitter

The cast of Mi Barrio, a comedy television show, recently delivered insensitive “jokes” while dressed as parody versions of BTS’s members. The jokes in question mentioned vaccines, alluded to Kim Jong Un (the Supreme Leader of North Korea) through wordplay, and mocked the faux-BTS’s language skills.

In response, BTS fans are calling Mi Barrio out for making harmful jokes, especially during a time when the Asian community is suffering a rise in racially motivated attacks spurred by the COVID-19 pandemic.

BTS’s Jimin | @fila_korea/Twitter

Mi Barrio has yet to offer a public apology, but Chileans are offering their own in the meantime.

They want it to be known that Mi Barrio‘s views do not reflect the views of all Chileans.

Many are also assuring ARMYs that they are doing whatever they can to ensure that those responsible are held accountable for their actions.

Source: Flag photo by Elias Almaguer