BTS Reveals Which Members Share The Same Sense Of Humor

They named their best matches and explained why.

Each BTS member is funny in his own way, but which of them share the same sense of humor?

BTS answered this question and more in a new 7-Second Interview video about their album, BE.

Jimin named Jin as his partner-in-comedy. “Jin-hyung,” he answered. “Just watching his face is fun. Just looking at him is so fun.” 

Did Jin pick Jimin too? Nope!

These days, Jin feels that Jungkook and RM are the members who match his sense of humor best.

I’d say these days Jungkook and RM share the same sense of humor with me. Like, we find it funny even when we just look at each other.

— Jin

RM agrees. His best matches are Jin and J-Hope.

“I’d say J-Hope and Jin these days,” he said. “They’re literal angels. Angel.” 

In this interview, BTS also talked about their favorite BE tracks, what they have been doing in their spare time, and more. Watch the video here:


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