BTS’s Longtime Choreographer Son Sung Deuk Reveals What A “Louder Than Bombs” Choreo Would Be Like And ARMYs Definitely Want More

Never say never..

BTS has broken numerous records with their music. Their songs touch on all sorts of topics like self-love, emotions of the youth, loneliness, depression, societal issues, and more. With lyrics that are so relatable and deep, paired with beautiful vocals and back tracks, you’ve really got a recipe for success.

Now we can’t forget that BTS are performers too. So with a good number of their songs come powerful and absolutely beautiful choreography. BTS has been known for some very intense and highly synchronized dance choreography for songs like “IDOL”, “Black Swan”, “ON”, and more!

With that said, there are plenty of tracks that ARMYs are still itching to see! Ever since BTS released their album Map Of The Soul: 7, ARMYs couldn’t get enough of “Louder Than Bombs.” With the deep meaning of the lyrics paired with a beautiful instrumental backing, that led to a climax with powerful vocals, it’s no wonder that “Louder Than Bombs” is a fan favorite.

Even at the PERMISSION TO DANCE ON STAGE concerts in Los Angeles this past year, Jimin teased a performance of a song “everyone wanted to see” to which everyone thought would be “Louder Than Bombs.”

While a “Louder Than Bombs” performance might seem unlikely, let’s not forget that “Paradise” enthusiasts were given a treat this past year when Jungkook sang a portion of it on his live broadcast (even though he forgot that “Paradise” was BTS’s song). So anything is possible!

That was proven in the “BTS Special” Edition of GQ Korea as they interviewed long time choreographer for BTS: Son Sung Deuk.

GQ: ARMYs picked “Louder Than Bombs” as the #1 stage they want to see. If you were to make the choreography for this song, how would you express it?

Son Sung Deuk: so good that it’d be fatal!

Cue the chaos as ARMYs went absolutely nuts by the news! It is by no means a confirmation that there is a choreo for the song, but it is also by no means a rejection either.

Why do ARMYs love “Louder Than Bombs” so much? We’ll start with the lyrics.

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The song has some really deep poetic meaning behind the lyrics. The song starts with the members singing about feeling lonely and sad, while also feeling unsure of themselves despite their superstardom.

The song keeps moving as they then find strength to go on. They’re not just going to go about the motions, but they’re going to fight for ARMYs and each other, even if it gets hard.

For you I’ll fight, we shine

They talk about how only the 7 members of BTS truly know what each of them has gone through. All the blood, sweat, and tears.

People say they’re envious of us

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The song ends with a promise from the members to ARMY.

we’ll keep singing ceaselessly to you

It’s no wonder ARMYs love the song so much, and we hope that one day we’ll get a live performance by BTS choreographed by Son Sung Deuk himself!